Adding code in XTrackCAD is a larger task, so instead I have developed a small stand­alone program that only reads XTrackCad files and enable viewing. (Windows only)

XtrackViewer will create elevations based on XTrackCAD file data and will try not to skew turnouts. Elevation values may therefor differ from elevations in XTrackCad.

Slope is calculated at centerline. XTrackCAD I believe calculate inner rail slope.

As with XTracCAD lengths and radius are two-dimensional.

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3 March 2016: 1.0.4 released

4 December 2017: 1.0.5 released (Bezier and Cornu elements added)

13 December 2018: 1.0.6 released (Bezier Line fixed and VRML export of Cornu elements fixed)


Use Navigation buttons and mouse (right and left mouse button)
Navigation has 4 modes, (from left to right) zoom, pan, rotate x&y, rotate z. last button reset view to initial position.
Use left mouse button to change eye position, and right button to change scene.

left dubbelklick on item to zoom in on object

right double click on an item will show a pop-up window with properties

Export to VRML97 format

Use View drop-down menu to select wich type of objects to display

View Menu

  • Status Bar: show/hide status bar
  • Elevation: show/hide elevations and slopes
  • Draw tunnel: show/hide clearance profile for tunnels
  • Draw Structures: show/hide non-track elements
  • Track Color by Layer: Draw tracks with layer color instead
  • Manage Layers: Hide/show layers. Default Visibility as in XTrackCad
  • Units: switch between metric and Imperial units
  • Base Plane: The base plane can be configured
screen ESCAPE='HTML'

Version history:

1.0 Baseline

1.0.1 fix of elevation bug

1.0.2 added N-scale track dimensions

1.0.3 Improved drawing performance, New menu: Manage Layers, misc bug fixes including VRML export

1.0.4 Print fixed. New feature: base plane, possible to select metric or Imperial units

1.0.5 Bezier and Cornu support added (XtrackCad V4.3 format)

1.0.6 Bezier line error fixed, Curnu in VRML export fixed.


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